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What Is A Business Plan?


A business plan is a formal statement of a set of business goals, the reasons they are believed to be attainable, and the plan for reaching those goals. Often Business Plans are written with the objective of using the document to solicit investment money for a new enterprise, or sometimes to solicit investment money for expanding and existing enterprise.


Why A Business Plan Must “Sizzle” and “Pop!”


In today’s world, investors are being inundated with solicited and unsolicited Business Plans. If your Business Plan does not have both “sizzle” and substance, your plan is probably going into the trash can and you are likely to be dismissed before you can set foot in the door.


Why Do I Need Help?


Anyone who advertises “Business Plans Made Simple” is trying to get you to spend money for some do-it-yourself business plan system. In reality, the complexities of a business plan demand experience and expertise in many areas in order to not have large holes in it. Those holes will be noticed. Ask yourself this question: If you were the investor, would you invest money in someone who did not have the foresight to find a way to do their business plan the right way and relied on a template? Would that inspire your confidence?


In addition to projections, analysis of the competition, financial pro-forma, investment requirements, market analysis, key personnel profiles, the business model, entity structure, etc, a Business Plan written with all the elements of Public Relations and Marketing in mind will have a better chance of standing out from the pack through its ability to grab attention. It’s More Than Just Numbers uses extensive knowledge in both of these areas and more to help captivate the reader of your business plan- the investor.


Why Should I Pay For A Business Plan Instead Of Using A Template?


You only get one shot. All of your 100% perfectly constructed Business Plan elements must be put together in a clear and succinct manner so that your plan is both factually compelling and easy to read.  It’s More Than Just Numbers can help you create a straightforward and persuasive business plan.


It’s More Than Just Numbers understands how all the elements of finance, accounting, business management, legal structure, taxation, product, marketing, and public relations have to cohesively come together in order to create a successful business plan. Whether you have a full-scale enterprise, a public relations division, a small “mom and pop” shop or you are an individual, It’s More Than Just Numbers can customize a program to fit your situation.



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