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What Is Marketing?


Marketing is the process of communicating the value of what you have to offer to potential customers in a manner that convinces them to take action and fork over their hard-earned cash in exchange for your amazing products or services. It is what links the demands that people have to the suppliers of what people want. Since you are the supplier, finding someone who can make that link between you and the customers is crucial. Constructing these communications in the form of messages that not only get each customer’s attention, but also make you distinctive enough for them to remember what you have to offer, the name of your company, and especially that they have a need for your product, is key.


These messages can be broadcast in paid advertisements in magazines, newspapers and television, internet marketing (Pay Per Click), billboards (where legal), websites and even on the rapidly increasing number of social media sites.


Do I need Marketing or Public Relations?


If you are not sure whether you need Marketing or Public Relations, use this simple test: Are you trying to create an image for you or your company? Or are you trying to sell your product to potential customers and increase your customer base? Or both? Where Public Relations focuses on skillfully crafting an image to show to the world, Marketing is targeted solely and specifically to potential customers.


Who Can We Help?


It’s More Than Just Numbers is not only great at Public Relations, but is also skilled in all aspects of marketing campaigns and marketing communications. Whether you have a full-scale enterprise, a public relations division, a small “mom and pop” shop, or you are an individual, we can customize a marketing program to fit your situation.



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