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What Is Public Relations?


The art of Public Relations lies in carefully crafting your image in a way that catches the attention of the world. This can be done for you personally, for your company, and/or for your products and services. This image is created through the skilled use of tools that include television, radio, printed publications (most notably magazines and newspapers), and other traditional media channels. Using highly creative and proven methods, we can use our expertise to combine traditional media to work in concert with online publications, company websites, public speeches, special events, program sponsorships, Hollywood product placement, employee communications, key management training, brochures, branding, logos and the ever increasing tool-set of social media outlets.


Crisis Management


Anything that affects your image, whether good or bad, fits under the umbrella of Public Relations and changes what that image will be in the eyes of the world. Therefore, any negative publicity must be quickly and skillfully countered. It’s More Than Just Numbers has the experience and knowledge to expertly neutralize bad press, many times turning the negative media attention into a positive opportunity for you.


The Difference Between Marketing and Public Relations


Where Marketing is the communication of value targeted directly to potential customers to convince them to buy a product or service, Public Relations is the communication and professional maintenance of a favorable image to the general public. The art of Public Relations determines how the public sees you, your company, and/or your products and services.


Everyone Needs Public Relations


The way you are seen has everything to do with how much money you or your company will generate. You can have a great product or great talent, but with a poor public image, your sales will be drastically affected. Worse than a poor public image, is no public image at all— and without the right skills, that is usually what happens to most individuals and entities. Branding is a critical art and It’s More Than Just Numbers is here to help you brand yourself.

It’s More Than Just Numbers is exceptionally talented in the skillful art of crafting images. Whether you are an individual with a need to be perfectly branded in the public eye, or have a full-scale enterprise with complex needs to craft your image, It’s More Than Just Numbers can customize your Public Relations campaign to be the most effective possible. Even if you are a small public relations division in a private company or a small “Mom and Pop” shop, we can customize the perfect program to not only fit your situation but that also perfectly portrays the image you want to portray.



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