It’s More Than Just Numbers

Big Data. Economics. Finance. Public Support. Markets. Taxes. Accounting.

Numbers are the driving force of business. Analyzing numbers to discover trends, find solutions, and accurately present them to appropriate stakeholders is our business.

Economic & Financial Analysis

Financial analysis weighs the benefits, costs, and risks associated with a specific course of action and alternative actions, specific to an enterprise. Economic analysis weighs the political, market, and demographic forces that control a locality, region, area, country, or the world. Both are critical to the successful and accurate analysis of business and investment options. As both economists and financial analysts, we simultaneously determine the economic parameters that frame potential and the financial potential of specific actions, thus providing the most valuable type of decision-making research possible.

Public Relations & Marketing

Public relations create a public image through positive messaging using all available communications channels between a company, an individual, and all relevant stakeholders. Marketing achieves direct revenue from promotional activities. Proper public relations and marketing programs enhance and create synergy for each other. As both public relations experts and marketing professionals, we marry both into specific, trackable, strategic plans that can be easily implemented and constantly adapted to every changing social media and market conditions.

Taxes & Accounting

Financial accounting provides companies and individuals with the information necessary to monitor the performance of an enterprise. Tax accounting presents the accurate portrayal of taxable income to proper government agencies.  As both financial accountants and tax accountants, we provide the right information to the right recipients, thus maximizing enterprise value.

Non-Profit Organizations

Successfully operating a non-profit corporation has never been more challenging. Grants are fewer in numbers, and the number of non-profits has increased, making more competition for fewer dollars. Federal, State, and IRS regulations are growing as are the penalties for failure to obey. Audit (GAAP) rules, accounting, and providing adequate control are no longer an option. We help non-profit organizations not only comply but fly!